River Traffic

River traffic will remain open during the entire construction process. Jensen Construction Company, the prime contractor, has developed a River Traffic Control Plan to keep boats away from the work zone and to keep the public and construction employees safe.

“Bridge Work Ahead” signs are located 500 feet north of the new bridge and 500 feet south of the existing bridge at the riverbank’s edge. Buoys warn of construction materials sticking out of the water at the drilled shafts. Construction signage also exists on the barges, which are specifically placed to not conflict with river traffic.

Please follow these tips when operating boats/watercraft near or around the bridge construction work zone:

  • Slow down and drive with caution near and around the bridge construction work zone.
  • When passing between the new bridge’s drilled shafts (piers), proceed down the center.
  • If fishing, stay upstream or downstream of the construction work zone and don’t drift into the area.
  • Be cautious of construction equipment in the water even when work is not ongoing.
  • Be considerate of the safety of construction employees working on the new bridge.

To keep river traffic away from the work zone, Jensen will address boaters as needed verbally and inform them to stay away from construction operations.

Solar lights are mounted on the cranes and barges to outline their visibility at night. If these methods do not prove to work, lighted hazard buoys can be added and installed as needed.

Remember that the protocols in place are in the best interest of the public and public safety.

Bridge Construction Work Zone
Bridge Construction Work Zone
Construction Workers on a Barge
Construction Workers on a Barge