Pierre-Fort Pierre Bridge Project

Photo of road construction warning light.

The westbound outside lane over the Pierre-Fort Pierre Bridge will be closed the week of Aug. 8, 2022,  for concrete placing for one of the bridge’s new drilled shafts. Throughout the project, westbound lanes on U.S. Highway 14 across the Pierre-Fort Pierre Bridge will be intermittently reduced to one lane and traffic speeds may be reduced for bridge construction work.

Project Update

July 26, 2022: Significant progress continues on the John C. Waldron Memorial Bridge, which connects the cities of Pierre and Fort Pierre. The contractor overseeing the project, Jensen Construction Company, is nearing completion of the underwater substructure of the new bridge, and the public will soon be able to view more above water construction.

Crews have constructed 10 of the 12 drilled shafts for the new bridge and plan to complete the last two drilled shafts within the next month. Crews have also made substantial progress on the Pierre-side abutment—a component of the bridge that connects it to the approach roadway and provides vertical support to the bridge superstructure at its end.

The next phase of the project will include the construction and placement of bridge columns, bent caps, piers, and girders. The Waldron Memorial Bridge is scheduled to be fully open to traffic in the summer of 2024.

Public Safety Information

Phase One – Underwater substructure construction and beginning roadway approach work

Phase Two – Westbound lane construction and signal work

Phase Three – Eastbound lane construction

Phase Four – Demolition of old bridge and construction of Pierre and Fort Pierre Plaza’s

A historic bridge project is in progress in the Pierre-Fort Pierre area. The new bridge is anticipated to be open for traffic in the summer of 2024. Total project completion is anticipated for summer 2025.

While the John C. Waldron Memorial Bridge still stands, it’s critical that the structure be replaced. The bridge was opened in 1962 and is showing signs of deterioration, which can cause a variety of issues. The current structure carries U.S. Highways 14 and 83, along with S.D. Highway 34. The structure is a crossing point over the Missouri River between Fort Pierre and Pierre.

In 2016, the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) performed a bridge replacement study, with intentions of gathering more information to justify a structure replacement. After years of studying and planning, the SDDOT decided to move forward with building a completely new bridge. The new structure will have updated features for functionality, user enjoyment, and aesthetics; and will be constructed just 10 feet north of the existing John C. Waldron Memorial Bridge.

Initial construction will not be visible to the public as it will begin underwater. This substructure work will consist of placing drilled shafts which will set the foundation for the rest of the project.